Scion: Deus ex Nihilo

Checklist for January 2014
  • Mjoll wants to go be Rambo.
  • Laz wants to settle into being a Loa, as in, still worshipped modernly.
  • Una is eagerly awaiting…something.
  • Ishi needs to prove himself as a ronin.
  • ALL of you have yet to establish modern worshippers.
  • The Four Horsemen still are behind the scenes doing shit.
  • Loki and the other chaos gods from the Black Feather Shroud thing are still lingering off the radar.
  • Ares wants his daughter found, and I wasted the opportunity to have her be one of the caldera sacrifices.
  • Toci’s daughter is still MIA, as is the son of Harsh Judging Desert.
  • No one found Kane Taoka’s body. DUN DUN DUNNNNN
  • The Yellow Man remains an X factor. Can cthonian entities like him die from physical trauma?
  • Despite the fog of war, it’s clear the titans are up to something besides these frontal assaults. It has yet to be discovered exactly what.
  • New toys for the new recruits, and time served on the front lines is coming up.
  • Una’s all Twilight with Laz and Thanatos, the fallout on that has yet to descend.
  • Mjoll’s got dad’s belt. She’s got a brother that’s not a fan of that.
  • Solaris continues his plans to rush humanity into a techno-utopia unslowed.
  • What’s the deal with these Star gods?
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