Heidra the Fireborn

The Dragon God of Predators


Strength 6 (6) Charisma 6 (2) Perception 4 (4)
Dexterity 6 (4) Manipulation 3 Intelligence 8 (8)
Stamina 8 (8) Appearance 6 (4) Wits 6 (5)

Academics – 5, Animal Ken – 3, Art (Carpentry) – 2, Art (Chemistry) – 3, Art (Physics) – 2, Athletics – 5, Awareness – 3, Brawl – 5, Command – 5, Control (Automobile) – 0, Fortitude – 2, Integrity – 5, Investigation – 4, Melee – 5, Occult – 4, Politics – 4, Presence – 5

Willpower 10
Courage 6, Intellect 3, Loyalty 4, Ambition 1

Legend 9

Combat Stats———-

Join Battle: 11 + 29au
Dodge DV: 17
Parry DV: 26

Walk movement: 13
Sprint movement: 29
Jump distance: 52/104

Bashing Soak: 37
Lethal Soak: 33
Agg Soak: 8

Health: -0×35, incap

Current damage: 2 aggravated


Dragonforged Skeggox: Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +6/L, Defense + 0

Guide 4: Ashræðilegormr
Relic X: Wyrmbound Eye of Typhon (See seperate entry)
Relic 1: Dragonforged Skeggox (See items)
Relic 3: Scar of Pethro (Magic, Prophecy, and Mystery Purviews)
Relic 2: Runic Designer Watch (War & Justice Purviews)
Relic X: Wyrmbound Gauntlet (Darkness purview, absolute command of Ashræðilegormr)
Followers X: 25 Einjerher Elite Shocktroopers w/.50 AR-Beowulfs and Riot Armor w/ Fire Immunity)
Resources 5: High wealth and material assets
Avatar 2
Sanctum 3


Animal: Animal Communication*, Animal Obedience**, Animal Aspect***, Ride Animal****, Animal Feature*****, Animal Form******, Protean Understanding X

Darkness: Night Eyes*, Shadow Mask**

Fire: Fire Immunity*, Bolster Fire**, Fire’s Eye***

Justice: Judgement*, Heartfelt Promise**, Shield of Righteousness***

Magic: Ariadne’s Thread*, The Unlidded Eye*

Sun: Penetrating Glare*

War: Blessing of Bravery*, Battle Cry**, Warrior Aspect***, Fury of War****, Mortal Stroke*****, Army of One******, Colossus Armor*******, Siege Juggernaut********

Strength: Holy Bound, Divine Bound, Knockback Attack, Knockback Wave, Titanium Tools, Empowered Deflection, Legendary Parry

Dexterity: Omnidexterity, Blitzkrieg, Monkey Climber, Cat’s Grace

Stamina: Body Armor, Holy Fortitude, Natural Juggernaut, Self Healing, Skin Shedding, Impenetrable, Inner Furnace, Devourer, Raging Bull

Charisma: Inspirational Figure, Natural Leader

Appearance: Lasting Impression, My Eyes are Up Here, Detail Variation, Undeniable Resemblance, Unusual Alteration

Perception: Spatial Attunement, Telescopic Senses, Hear Prayers, Clairvoyance

Intelligence: Tactical Planning, Principles of Motion, Fight with your Head, Telepathy, Blockade of Reason, Perfect Memory, Applied Academics, Parapet of the Mind, Art of War

Wits: Meditative Focus, Cobra Reflexes, Master-At-Arms, Adaptive Fighting, Jack of All Trades, Talent Mirror, Lightning Reflexes


The dragon’s eye is an extremely complex organism, owing its biological complexity to the legendary power of the dragons that are born with them. In addition to its four layers of eyelids and its double pupil, a dragon’s eye also has a double lens. The outer lens is much the same as any other creature’s in form and function. The inner lens, however, is a mass of transparent muscle fibers that can polarize incoming light. The inner lens also serves to magnify what the dragon sees, and helps account for the dragon’s superior long distance vision. A dragon’s retinas are packed with receptors for both color and black-and-white vision. Behind the retina lies the tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer that helps the dragon see in dim light. A dragon literally sees light twice, once when it strikes the retina and again when it is reflected back. It is the tapetum lucidum that makes a dragon’s eyes seem to glow in the dark.

Like a cat’s eye, a dragon’s eye has a comparatively large iris with a vertical pupil. This arrangement allows the pupil to open extremely wide and admit much more light than a human eye can. The sclera, or “white,” of a dragon’s eye is often yellow, gold, green, orange, red, or silver, with an iris of a darker, contrasting color. To a casual observer, a dragon’s pupils always look like vertical slits. If one were to look very closely into a dragon’s eye, however, one could see a second iris and pupil within the first. The dragon can shift and rotate this inner aperture up to 90 degrees, so that the inner pupil can overlay the outer one or lie at a right angle to it. This ocular structure gives a dragon extremely accurate fepth perception and focusing ability no matter how much or how little light is available. A dragon’s eye is protected by a leathery outer eyelid and three smooth inner eyelids, or nictitating membranes. The innermost membrane is crystal clear and serves to protect the
eye from damage while the dragon flies, fights, swims, or burrows with its eyes open. The other two eyelids mainly serve to keep the inner membrane and the surface of the eye clean. They are thicker than the innermost membrane and less clear. A dragon can use these inner lids to protect its eyes from sudden flashes of bright light. A dragon’s eyes glow in the dark, but the dragon can hide the glow by closing one or more of its inner eyelids; doing this does not affect its vision.

The Wyrmbound Eye has multiple effects befitting its link to the Titan Aspect known as Typhon: King of All Beasts

1: It grants Heidra access to the Animal and Fire Purviews.
2: It grants Heidra the Protean Understanding (Animal 10) boon, with the restriction of only being applicable to beasts that stalk and hunt prey. This extends to supernatural creatures such as dragons, gryphons, chimerae, etc.
3: Heidra treats Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, and Epic Perception as inherited Epics
4: Heidra may purchase any boon from any purview which is directly related to visual perception, acuity, and tracking, except for the Health and Death purviews.
5: Heidra will automatically die if the eye is ever removed from his head.
6: Heidra loses the Expression virtue and replaces it with the Ambition dark virtue.

Current Variables————

544 total/21 current XP
10/7 Willpower
81/45 Legend, 9/7 Flares
Courage: 6 charges
Ambition: 1 charge
Intellect: 2 charges
Loyalty: 4 charges


Age: 37
Date of Birth: May 13th, 1975
Hair: Long, raven black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Race: German-American, 3rd generation.
Nationality: American
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 187lbs
Sex: Male
Occupation: CEO and majority share holder of Folkvar Engineering.
Favorite Sport: Soccer followed by Boxing
Favorite Movie: V for Vendetta
Favorite Food: Oven roasted thin bread served with beef sauteed in a mix of onions, green pepper, corn, ground almond, basil and minced garlic.
Marital Status: Married to his work.

The Story So Far—- (NEEDS UPDATING)

In early 2011 Aiden Folkvar went through his Visitation and began the arduous process of integrating his tightly structured life into the supernatural expectations that were forced upon him. Ashræðilegormr was his introduction into the realm of Immortals and the great war between his divine father and the Titans, but through the year he would obtain the friendship of the gregarious and hearty Norse-Celtic demigod known as Volstagg and obtain the mentoring and sage advice of the Patron of Chinatown and Thai Grandfather of Earth: Tu Di Gong.

Throughout the months leading into 2012, Aiden’s mind was abuzz with internal conflict. While the ichor in his veins compelled him to his divine heritage, the mind of the self made young businessman rebelled against everything he was exposed to while simultaneously attempting to adapt and control it. For the most part he was able to sate the conflict within himself, and to everyone around him he appeared utterly loyal to the divine cause.

His illusions of control were shattered during the opening moments before the Wynn. Between the Horseman of War showing up and wrecking a city block, an assassination attempt upon him by a ninja made of pure shadow, the meeting of other scions and demigods and the fight against the Oni, Aiden was made aware of just how fragile his personal world really was. It was the Wynn itself which finally broke his mental barriers. When brought before the gods, he desperately summoned Ashræðilegormr and pled for the magnificent drake to give him strength. Much to his surprise, Ash did just that. His very presence near Aiden calmed him and clothed his naked psyche against the blinding light it had been exposed to. Aiden was able to maintain his calm demeanor until the wynn was over and then during a shopping trip he fled.

His retreat went unexpectedly well thanks to the intervention of Ashræðilegormr. The Dragon knew Aiden’s actions could be perceived as treachery at worst and intended to honor /his/ duties. Aiden was pulled into the Overworld, specifically the dominion of the Aesir. Together they traveled the Nine Worlds and experienced their splendor together. Aiden gazed upon stars shot through with the color of magic, bathed in lakes made of the waters of life, flirted with creatures of impossible beauty and partook in hunts, bouts and conquests alongside and against every conceivable spirit, creature and lesser immortal the realms had to offer. He released himself of the vain notion his mortal and secular life had any meaning and fed his soul upon the banquet of the Overworld.

The journeys of Aiden and Ashræðilegormr took them into Helheim, where they learned of Volstagg’s death and Hela’s impending march upon his old comrades. Aiden’s new found strength and confidence gave him the mental sharpness needed to pull himself through Ormand Brandr. In that moment his soul touched Ashræðilegormr’s, and he knew the dragon’s thoughts: Now, and never before that moment, he was worthy of the dragon’s loyalty.

The two quickly crashed into the scene of an epic confrontation. An errant child of the Japanese Son Goddess was using Hela’s Shroud to devour his mother’s immortality. Mjoll and a young man directly battled that errant child, who Aiden recognized as none other than Kane Taoka: The CEO of Kuroko Industrials. Such revelations meant nothing in the heat of combat though, and both Aiden and Ash set about earning their first marks of conquest in the mortal world.

The second meeting of the Wynn, like the first, has shaken Aiden to an extent. While his fear has been replaced by awe and wonder of the gods and his connection to them, Volstagg’s loss was never more keenly felt by Aiden until that moment. His father, Tyr, also dismissed Ashræðilegormr from Aiden’s service for a full season. The decision left Aiden in a mix of confusion and rage: He had already lost one close friend, and now another had been ripped from him. He sees Tyr’s action in this as punitive: Aiden failed in his duties and only by the dragon did he even live. Tyr’s stern handling of Aiden at the Wynn, as well as the new weapon Tyr bestowed upon him, has brought forth new resolve and eagerness in the young scion. He desires nothing less than absolution and restoration of his honor. Standing in the presence of Allfather Wotan and watching the ascendancy of his only living blood relative, Mjoll, into Demigod status has only given Aiden a greater hunger for glory and honor.

Heidra the Fireborn

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