Yousukemaru Ishino

Fast-Paced Survivor


Calling: Fast-Paced Survivor
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Nature: Survivor
God: Amaterasu


Strength ••••• Charisma ••••• Perception •••
  ºººº   ºººº   ººº
Dexterity •••••• Manipulation •••• Intelligence •••••
  ººººº       ºººº
Stamina ••••• Appearance •••• Wits •••
  ºººº   ººº   º


Athletics •••••
Animal Ken ••••
Awareness ••••
Brawl ••
Control (Motorcycle) ••
Craft (Fletching) ••
Empathy ••
Fortitude •••
Integrity ••
Marksmanship •••••
Medicine •
Melee •••••
Occult •••
Politics ••
Presence •••
Stealth •••
Survival ••
Throw •

Birthrights, Knacks, and Boons

Birthrights Knacks Boons
Kusanagi – Sky Purview – Spatha – +1 Acc, +4L, +1 Def, Speed 4
Yata no Kagami – Sun Purview, Speak through Mirrored surfaces Legend x 5 Miles
Allison’s Bow – Daikyu – +1 Acc, +4L, Range 40, 6 Speed
Bow of the Guardian Wolf – Guardian Purview, Animal Purview – Daikyu – +0 Acc, +3L Range 40, Speed 6
Quiver of the Fiery Sun – Fire Purview, Sun Purview – Quiver
Holy Bound
Holy Rampage
Shock Wave
Knockback Attack

Untouchable Opponent
Trick Shooter
Lightning Sprinter
Escape Artist
Roll With It
Faster Than Thought
Whirlwind Shield
Monkey Climber
Spider Climber
Solipsistic Well-Being

Blessing of Importance
Never Say Die
Crowd Control


Lasting Impression
Serpent’s Gaze
My Eyes Are Up Here

Fool Me Once…
Telescopic Senses
Real McCoy

Language Mastery
Wireless Interface

Opening Gambit
Wind’s Freedom
Bolster Fire
The Helper Kami
Fire Immunity
Heavenly Flare
Animal Communications
Animal Command
Life-Giving Rays
Flare Missile
Battle Map

Other Crunch

Willpower: ••••••• (7/7 points)
Legend: 7—42/42
Legend Flares: 7/7

Join Battle: 7+1
Dodge (or Parry) DV: Dodge DV – 20/31 (Untouchable Opponent)
Soak: 4A, 10L, 12B

Health: -0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/I

Move: 17
Dash: 23/46/92

Duty ••
Endurance •••
Intellect ••
Valor ••

Exp: 475 total; 450 spent; 25 remaining


As people go, Yousukemaru is pretty average… if you count really fast and a dead-eye as average… there’s also the bit about his mom being Amaterasu. That part doesn’t exactly scream average, now that it’s out there… so Yousukemaru was a bit colorful with his life. His mom always wanted him to look his best, but he replied that the spirits don’t care what he’s dressed like. Despite having disagreements with his mom about fashion, he still manages to look good in almost anything he wears. Most what he wears, however, would show off his rather buff body. Definition definitely befits the son of a beauty goddess. And if his looks didn’t disarm a situation, he was also somewhat of a smooth talker.
As a hobby, he took up archery. It seemed the only thing that really calmed his nerves if he was stressed out. And stressed out, he got often. He loves his mother very much, but they do still have their differences. Style, mainly. And she seems to have some love for her son as well, giving him a few gifts for one of his birthdays: a very finely crafted bow, a quiver of arrows with a Sun emblazoned on the outside, and a puppy. She wanted to see if he could be responsible with himself. It turns out, he could. After receiving the puppy, he obtained a part-time job working at the archery range he frequented often before. It didn’t pay much, but it kept his pup fed. Soon along the years, the Wolf-Dog grew to be a very intelligent friend. He even had a simplistic connection to where he could actually communicate with him. Arrow, as he became known, never left Yousukemaru’s side. It wasn’t a few years after receiving the bow and quiver that he found that they were both infused with the power of the Gods. He was both upset that his mother didn’t tell him such, and thankful that his mother would entrust powerful items to him.
He only recently started carrying around a cell phone so that he may keep in contact with his job as well as with his mother. Though he’d text the latter more often than call her. She seemed fine with it.
He has never known his father, and hasn’t really wanted to meet him. Having a Goddess as his mother was more than enough parenting than he could already handle…

Yousukemaru Ishino

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