Solaris, God of Energy

Solaris, son of Zeus, once strove to simply innovate, to bring cheaper, cleaner, more efficient energy to the world, in the hopes that it would save the world. Now, he has become considerably more...proactive.


Nickie “Solaris” Ford
Nature: Maker
Concept: Myopic Savior
Patron: Zeus
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Legend: 12

Strength: 4/4 (Knockback Attack, Shockwave, Knockback Wave, Making it Look Easy)
Dexterity: 2/2 (Trick Shooter, Richochet Symphony)
Stamina: 11/11 (Damage Conversion, Holy Fortitude, Self-Healing, Solipsistic Well-Being, Body Armor, Divine Fortitude x3, Regeneration, Divine Damage COnversion, Extended Youth, Impenetrable, Inner Furnace, Devourer, Internal Refinery, Tireless Worker)

Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 4/4 (Advantageous Circumstances, Knowing Glance, Rumor Mill, Trendsetter)
Appearance: 3/1 (Blinding Visage)

Perception: 9/9 (Perfect Pitch, Environmental Awareness, Telescopic Senses, Spatial Attunement, Broad-Spectrum Reception, Clairvoyance, Hear Prayers, Parallel Attention, Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception)
Intelligence: 11/11 (Fast Learner, Know-it-all, Math Genius, Perfect Memory, Teaching Prodigy, Cipher, Language Mastery, Multitasking, Star Pupil, Wireless Interface, Blockade of Reason, Instant Translation, Speed Reader, Telepathy, Well Read Virgin)
Wits: 7/7 (Instant Investigator, Meditative Focus, Instant Assessment, Eternal Vigilance, Jack of All Trades, Psychic Profiler)

Command 3
Integrity 3
Presence 3
Politics 3
Academics 5
Craft 3
Empathy 3
Investigation 3
Science 5
Survival 3

Arete of Academics 10
Arete of Science 10
Chaos 1 (Eye of the Storm), 2 (Hornet’s Nest), 4 (Sabot), 10 (Unintended Purpose)
Earth 1-10 (All Boons and Avatar of Earth (The Shaper)
Fertility 1 (Green Thumb), 2 (Cleanse), 3 (Bless/Blight)
Fire 1-10 (All Boons and Avatar of Fire (The Devourer)
Health 1 (Assess Health), 2 (Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty), 3 (Heal/Infect)
Psychopomp 1 (Unerring Orientation), 2 (Where are you?), 3 (Unbarred Entry), 4 (Come Along), 7 (Rainbow Bridge), 8 (Ride Along), 10 (Co-Location)
Sky 1-10 (All Boons and Avatar of Sky (The Storm)
Sun 1-10 (All Boons and Avatar of Sun (The Glory)
Water 1-10 (All Boons and Avatar of Water (The Flood)


Solaris has managed to gather enough power to execute his ultimate plan.

Step 1) Awaken Ultimate Intelligence to confirm the clarity of his vision.
Step 2) Use Psychopomp, Earth and Chaos to create a great number of super generators across the planet, by accessing Co-location, Earth Creation, Unintended Purpose, Property Infusion, and The Shaper form.
Step 3) Use the Glory to empower his solar generators, the Storm to empower lightning collectors and wind farms, the Flood to empower sea current generators, and Magma Control with the Devourer to power geothermal generators.
Step 4) Use this power to eliminate the world’s need for other fuel sources.
Step 5) Use the methods in Step 2 to create perfect, portable energy storage.
Step 6) Gather like-minded Scions and Gods to help him repair the damage done by Man to the world through pollution. Use Step 3 powers to facilitate this and continue to provide infinite power forever.
Step 7) Develop utopia off of infinite resources and energy provided by socialist Scions.

Solaris, God of Energy

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