Rose Villanueva

Sexy, dark hair, olive skin, 5'9", 130 lbs... Think hottie eye candy


Name: Rose Villanueva / Itzpapalotl (Obsidian Butterfly)
Calling: Angel of earthly delights/
Pantheon: Atzlanti
Player: Cassie /
Nature: Survivor
God: Tlazolteotl
Legend: 3 7 bonus points
Legend Pool: 9/9

Physical (Tertiary)
Strength 2 1pts
Dexterity 3 2 pts
Stamina 3 1 pts + 4 bonus pts

Social (Primary)
Charisma 4 3pts
Manipulation 3 2pts
Appearance 4 3 pts

Mental (Secondary)
Perception 3 2 pts
Intelligence 3 2 pts
Wits 3 2pts

Academics 2 2pts
Athletics 3 9xp
Awareness 3 3pts
Craft <needles> 3 3pts
Empathy 3 3pts
Fortitude 2 2 pts
Integrity 2 2 pts
Investigation 3 3 pts
Marksmanship 3 1pt + 6xp
Medicine 3 3pts
Melee 3 3pts
Politics 3 1pt + 4 XP
Presence 4 3pts + 4xp
Thrown 1 1pt
Occult 3 3xp + 2xp + 4xp

Relic 3 3pts

Epic Stamina 2 1pt + 5xp
Epic Appearance 2 2pt
Epic Manipulation 2 2pt
Epic Charisma 2 1pt + 5xp
Epic Dexterity 2 10xp + 5xp
Epic Perception 2 10xp + 5xo
Epic Wits 2 10xp + 5xp
Epic Intelligence 1 10xp
Epic Strength 2 10xp + 5xp

Holy Fortitude (Epic Stamina)
Center of Attention (Epic Appearance)
Come Hither (Epic Appearance)
Takes One to Know One (Epic Manipulation)
Blessing of Importance (Epic Charisma)
Stench of Guilt (Epic Manipulation)
Damage Conversion (Epic Stamina)
Cat’s Grace (Epic Dexterity)
Untouchable Opponent (Epic Dexterity)
Charmer (Epic Charisma)
Refined Palate (Epic Perception)
Subliminal Warning (Epic Perception)
Rabbit Reflexes (Epic Wits)
Social Chameleon (Epic Wits)
Know It All (Epic Intelligence)


Assess Health 1pt Health Purview
Maguey Sting 1pt Itztli Purview
Safely Interred 1pt Earth Purview
Water Breathing 1 pt Water Purview

Conviction 3 2pts
Courage 2 1pt
Duty 3 2pts
Loyalty 1


Hook Sword +1 Accuracy, +4 Lethal, +2 defense
Spear +1 Accuracy, +2 Lethal, 15 yards range Returns the spear to the hand of the thrower when thrown, transforms into bracelet when Rose blows on it, transforms back to spear when the feather is pulled ‘off’.

Wits + Awareness
-5 B/-4 L/-2 A
-0 [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], -2 [ ], Incapacitated/Dead [ ]
Dodge DV 7; Parry DV (Hook Sword) 5

Mitzahuahuia – Obsidian Razor
An obsidian knife, with a 3 inch blade. In anyone else’s hand <excluding><hideous> with a wheel sporting feathered spokes.

Earth Purview
Water Purview

xp 25


SO, the life of Rose was pretty interesting. She remembers a woman she associates as ‘Mom’, but, knows isn’t really. A step-mom, if you will. Dad was busy, with his company. Dad did dote on his Princess… Heavily. She really didn’t lack for anything, other than a serious female presence in her life.
zephyriguana: She did awesome in school, learning extra languages, but, she had a few friends. She went to medical school, diverting into Ob/Gyn for some reason. Graduating, she is working at a clinic specializing in ‘reproductive’ health. She knows all manner of fun stuff. Accupressure, accupuncture, other holistic arts.
zephyriguana: She also partied pretty hard, not having any ‘serious’ BF…
zephyriguana: After almost getting raped, Daddy got her a body guard, who felt it more prudent to teach the princess how to defend herself…
The bodyguard taught her to use knives, and to a lesser degree, guns
Well, knives and needles, are a lot easier to hide in a little dress, than a big and blocky Glock.
zephyriguana: Though, a purse is good for hiding guns… to a point
zephyriguana: Anyhow, the songs that seem to fit her. ‘Legs’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Venus’, ‘The Way You Move’

Rose gets up around 5am. She checks her schedule, eats breakfast. If its a work day, she gets dressed and heads out to the clinic around 6 so she’ll have various things set up for the clinic opening at 8. Lunch she may eat at the clinic, or go out to get something. When the clinic closes, she finishs her paperwork for the day, if she doesn’t have time to do later. Depending on how the day has gone, she may go to the gym for an hour, or the range. IF she’s still good, she’ll get dressed up and go dancing, likely getting to bed around 2am
Otherwise, she’s at home, maybe having some hot cocoa, and dinner, maybe going to call a ‘bf’, or daddy… just depends

Okay, 30 and still Daddy’s princess?
zephyriguana: Only child
infernalistgamer Watts: Well, working in a gynocologist’s office helps. Good work.
infernalistgamer Watts: At least she’s not a drain on the family.
infernalistgamer Watts: What does Dad to do?
zephyriguana: The high lord and master of a multi national company… multi-million dollar job…
infernalistgamer Watts: Hm. Doing what?
zephyriguana: It’s a corporation…
infernalistgamer Watts: Yes…
zephyriguana: Think like Time Warner
infernalistgamer Watts: That would be an entertainment and information consortium.
infernalistgamer Watts: Cable, comics, tv, movies…
infernalistgamer Watts: Magazines…
infernalistgamer Watts: So, his company is a media power/
zephyriguana: Well… I don’t know then… What I know, is, there’s kinda no way to know EVERYTHING about the company
infernalistgamer Watts: I’m asking you OOC.
infernalistgamer Watts: You’re inventing the character, and the company, you tell me, what does Rose’s Dad’s company focus on?
zephyriguana: Yeah… What I’m saying, is the company in question dabbles in a bunch of stuff, manufacturing mostly. Anywhere from pharmaceuticals, to plastics, to military contracts…
zephyriguana: There are transportation deals
infernalistgamer Watts: Okay, so, manufacturing. There we go.
zephyriguana: Yes…
infernalistgamer Watts: So, with military contracts, that butts your Dad up against Tyr’s character.
zephyriguana: Depends on what Tyr does…
infernalistgamer Watts: Mostly makes improved technologies for cops and soldiers.
infernalistgamer Watts: Armor, vehicles, etc.
zephyriguana: I can see Tyr’s company using some of the stuff my dad’s company makes in his stuff…
infernalistgamer Watts: Interesting, I like it.
zephyriguana: He needs kevlar, he could get it from my dad’s company. But, Tyr’s company uses the kevlar to make the vests.

Rose Villanueva

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