The Horseman of the Sword, The Rider of the Red Horse


To the titanspawn, compassion is a form of madness unique to Gods and the pathetic humans who choose to emulate them. It is the natural desire of all thinking beings to revel in the fear that those beneath them show. Deliberate cruelty and even outright sadism are not deficiencies in one’s character, but rather evidence of one’s natural superiority. The weak enslave themselves, and suffering is the natural consequence of one’s own inferiority.

Titanspawn use Malice to: fight against any enemy, attack the innocent and helpless, interrogate and torture captives, intimidate others

A failed Malice roll allows a titanspawn to: honor a truce, release a prisoner from captivity, administer a coup de grace on a fallen foe rather than toying with him, ignore any opportunity to torment a Scion

Virtue Extremity: All-Consuming Hatred. The titanspawn’s contempt for all life exceeds all bounds of common sense. The titanspawn cannot ignore any opportunity to inflict suffering that comes his way, even when doing so diverts him from his true goals. A titanspawn in the grip of such a hatred would delay his enemy’s execution to pull the wings off a fly. Indeed, such a titanspawn might delay the execution indefinitely, stretching out his enemy’s torture as long as possible even though doing so increases the chance of his enemy’s rescue or escape.


Known traits:

  • Offense
    • Gigantic, ~12-15 feet tall.
    • Epic Strength capable of casually tossing large civilian vehicles (Humvee, Dodge Ram, etc.)
    • Giant sword, capable of aggravated damage.
  • Defense
    • Blood is hot enough to deal lethal damage.
    • Flaming horse, capable of flight, and fire damage aura.
    • Armor/Epic Stamina Soak appears capable of ignoring mundane firearms.
    • Wearing huge, craggy armor, capable of incredible protection.
    • Armor seems to be gapped under chin (possible weak spot?)
  • Motivation
    • Seems to be hunting Scions of Ares, possibly Scions of all war gods.
    • Nature as Scion or Titanspawn unknown.


Scion: Deus ex Nihilo Infernalistgamer