The Horseman of the Bow, The Rider of the White Horse, Pestilence, Fury


All titanspawn draw their strength from the vast power of the Titans, but not all are grateful enough to risk their lives working to allow their masters access to the World, particularly when confronted by wrathful Scions. Such dangers are insignificant to those who cherish the Virtue of Zealotry. Filled with the unholy spirit of the Titans, these zealots serve their creators with an unquenchable religious fervor. When the chance to serve comes their way, such titanspawn serve with all their hearts and souls.

Titanspawn use Zealotry to: fight against the Gods and their Scions and allies, work toward their Titan’s goals, cling to life after a near-fatal encounter with their enemies

A failed Zealotry roll allows a titanspawn to: ignore the chance to capture or kill a God or a Scion, ignore any command believed to come from their Titan, surrender even when confronted by a superior Scion force

Virtue Extremity: Religious Mania. The titanspawn’s quasi-religious loyalty to the Titans evolves into fullblown religious mania. The titanspawn becomes so convinced in the inevitable victory of her chthonic master that she ignores obvious threats to the fruition of her plan, convinced that Fate itself is on her side. Whenever confronted with anyone showing disrespect
to one or more Titans (or by the mere presence of a Scion challenging her authority), the titanspawn flies into a rage.



Scion: Deus ex Nihilo Infernalistgamer