The Horseman of the Scales, The Rider of the Black Horse, Famine, Greed, the Plutocrat


To the titanspawn, love, family and friendship are alien concepts. Communal instincts are sins against one’s own self, the only being a titanspawn should ever care about. Titanspawn who espouse the Virtue of Ambition reserve their trust, support and devotion only for themselves and their own advancement. Even the Titans themselves are not truly worthy of the titanspawn loyalty except as a means to greater personal power. Everyone and everything that exists is merely a potential sacrifice on the altar of the titanspawn’s quest for glory.

Titanspawn use Ambition to: fight against an enemy who threatens one’s goals, defend a valuable pawn, risk danger or death in pursuit of advancement, stab a rival in the back

A failed Ambition roll allows a titanspawn to: demonstrate compassion when doing so disadvantages him, refuse to take a risk that is outweighed by the potential rewards, refuse to usurp his superior’s authority when given the chance to do so

Virtue Extremity: Overweening Arrogance. The titanspawn becomes so consumed by his own sense of superiority that he fails to see the limits of his power. He refuses to show any respect to all but the most dangerous of superiors, and he puts his own lust for power above the goals of his masters.



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