The Horseman of the End, The Rider of the Pale Horse


The gratification of the senses and the satiation of hunger are the sole motives for action. That is the creed of the titanspawn ruled by Rapacity. Such a hunger need not be for food; indeed, it rarely is. Instead, the titanspawn might be driven by a lust for the flesh of nubile virgins or an insatiable avarice. What matters is that the titanspawn has found something that she must have at all costs or die in the attempt.

Titanspawn use Rapacity to: fight against anyone who seeks to end her depredations, overcome an enemy who defends the object of her desire, avenge herself against one who has robbed her of her prize

A failed Rapacity roll allows a titanspawn to: give away a possession (especially one that is the object of the titanspawn’s obsession), resist bribery or blackmail attempts involving the object of her desire, ignore a chance to satisfy her desires when the reward outweighs the danger

Virtue Extremity: Reckless Hunger. The titanspawn’s obsession overwhelms all capacity for rational selfinterest. She will take any risk to secure the object of her desire and accede to any request by one who can provide her with what she wants.



Scion: Deus ex Nihilo Infernalistgamer