A tall, dark and regal dragon. His scales shine like smoke kissed amethest and his eyes are pale and pupiless



Type: Young Dragon

Strength 5 (2) Charisma 2 Perception 3
Dexterity 5 (2) Manipulation 2 Intelligence 1
Stamina 5 (2) Appearance 2 Wits 3

Abilities: Animal Ken 5, Athletics 4, Awareness 3, Brawl 5, Empathy 2, Fortitude 5, Integrity 5, Investigation 2, Presence 5, Stealth 3, Survival 2

Supernatural Powers: Flight: 150mph, Scales, Epic Strength 2 (Holy Rampage, Knockback attack) Epic Dexterity 2 (Cat’s Grace, Lightning Sprinter), Epic Stamina 2 (Holy Fortitude, Inner Furnace, Self-Healing, Devourer)

Willpower 5, Legend 3 (9)
Courage 3, Endurance 2, Expression 1, Loyalty 3

Combat Stats———-

Join Battle: 6, Dodge DV: 8, Parry DV: See attacks
Soak: Blunt/14, Lethal/10, Aggravated/2
Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-4/Incap


Unarmed Light (Talons): 11 accuracy, 8/L damage, parry DV/8, speed 4, range: melee
Unarmed Heavy (Bite): 8 accuracy, 11/L damage, parry DV/6, speed 5, range: melee
Ranged (Dragon’s Breath): 7 accuracy, 13/L damage, parry N/A, speed 6, range: 75m
Knockback Attack (Tail Whip)


Age: 300+
Date of Birth: Unknown
Hair: None
Eyes: Pale White
Race: Young Dragon, Western
Nationality: Prefers Icelandic
Height: 8’4"
Weight: 910lbs
Sex: Male
Occupation: Guardian of Aiden
Favorite Sport: Destruction Derby
Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
Favorite Food: 8 cylinder engine, aged (used) for 30 years
Marital Status: Single

The Story So Far—-

Ashræðilegormr’s story thus far is riddled with conflicting emotions. Saddled with a scion he considered unworthy, Ashræðilegormr has driven his ‘master’ to heights of heroism at every given opportunity. Their original battles were ones of wit and spirit, from their very first meeting to their conflict against the Shinobi assassin at 500 feet above ground to a battle massive Oni along I-5 heading into LA… every fight contained a battle not just between Aiden and his assailants, but Aiden and the very weapon he wielded.

It wasn’t until the first gathering of the Wynn that Ashræðilegormr saw the weakness he knew existed in Aiden. The CEO stood, totally terrified and overwhelmed by the revelations he was exposed to. When Aiden revealed Ash at the meeting, it came with a simple psychic plea: Help me. The two would disappear later that day when Ashræðilegormr forcefully pulled Aiden through Ormand Brandr and into the Overworld.

Ashræðilegormr traveled with Aiden and answered questions sparingly. It was not Ash’s place to teach, but instead to protect. During their travels Ash would clash with many lesser immortal creatures on Aiden’s behalf and Aiden in turn grew strong and confident from their conflicts. While there was always an air of tension between the two, especially over Aiden’s now admitted failure to his father and friends, Ashræðilegormr began to realize that Aiden’s weakness stemmed not from inability, but from reservation.

The two would eventually travel to Helheim and Aiden would find many ancestors and heroes of old. Always glancing over Aiden with careful and watchful eyes, he observed as the human began to suck in the essence of everything he had been exposed to. Aiden grew strong, bold and powerful in the company of mighty heroes and immortals. When the human finally cast of his silly clothing for the armor and garb of a true warrior, Ash knew that he finally served a worthy scion.

The news of Volstagg’s death, and the sudden realization that rules of time had been drastically warped by Loki, forced the duo back into the realm of the living. Ashræðilegormr fought side by side with Aiden, each selecting their own foe knowing not to call the other for aid. Their true mission was completed with the return of Hela’s shroud to the Duegr.

The second meeting of the Wynn saw Tyr release Ash from service and sever his binding to Ormand Brandr. Now that he is back in the Overworld, the ‘Shadow of Tyr’ pursues his own agenda while he has the time. Ash seeks new magics and renews his hoard, hoping to grow stronger just as Aiden has. When the time comes he will reconnect with the blade, enhancing it even further with his own immortal power.

For now though… for now he rests and dreams of draconic things.

Ormond Brandr———-

Ormand Brandr (Lit: Dragonsoul Sword) is an exotic edged weapon not unlike a scimitar, saber or falchion.. and yet also not perfectly similar to them. The flat of the blade is a dark obsidian in color save for where glowing red runes have been etched into them. The edge on the other hand is silvered and sharp enough to cut through coarse iron like a viking war axe through a wooden shield. The cross-guard, pommel and ricasso all bare some sort of draconic imagery, and a thin chain dangles from between the dragon-head pommel’s teeth.

This weapon is Ashræðilegormr’s anchor to the World. Through it he is able to manifest in the mortal plane with all of his full glory and power. When he inhabits it, the runes along the weapon’s blade glow a shimmery cerulean color as opposed to their normal red coloration.

Currently Ashræðilegormr’s bond to the blade has been disconnected by Tyr. This has both robbed it of it’s supernaturally sharp edge and prevents Ash from traveling through the weapon.


Scion: Deus ex Nihilo TyrDoshan