• Ashræðilegormr


    A tall, dark and regal dragon. His scales shine like smoke kissed amethest and his eyes are pale and pupiless
  • Bjorn "Bear" Ingram

    Bjorn "Bear" Ingram

    Bear is a Scion of Vulcan
  • Caldera Muspel Giant

    Caldera Muspel Giant

    Stats for the fire giants in the caldera
  • Death


    The Horseman of the End, The Rider of the Pale Horse
  • Greed


    The Horseman of the Scales, The Rider of the Black Horse, Famine, Greed, the Plutocrat
  • Hatred


    The Horseman of the Bow, The Rider of the White Horse, Pestilence, Fury
  • Karma Jenkins

    Karma Jenkins

    Diligent and curious services director of the Wynn Hotel and Casino
  • Leo


    Hard drinking servant of the Gods
  • Prime Einherjar

    Prime Einherjar

    An elite einherjar, such as those sent on the caldera raid.
  • Solaris, God of Energy

    Solaris, God of Energy

    Solaris, son of Zeus, once strove to simply innovate, to bring cheaper, cleaner, more efficient energy to the world, in the hopes that it would save the world. Now, he has become considerably more...proactive.
  • Volstagg Falstaff

    Volstagg Falstaff

    Big, loud, and ever-hungry, Volstagg is always ready for a battle, or a meal, or both!
  • War


    The Horseman of the Sword, The Rider of the Red Horse
  • Yousukemaru Ishino

    Yousukemaru Ishino

    Fast-Paced Survivor